About the Company

Our Company has been present on the market from 1989. We specialize ourselves in the international transport services provided in all European countries. We offer both transport services of complete (24 tons) and general cargos. Our offer comprises transportation of measurement cargos and refrigerated cargos. We have been elaborating a strategy and trends of development of our activity in forwarding, logistics, international and national transport. The permits we possess allow us to provide transportation services to and from all the European countries. During more than ten years of our activity, our Company has entered into close cooperation with many other companies, especially on the Hungarian, Bulgarian and Rumanian markets. Our Company offers a complete service to our customers, from customs clearance, guarantee of customs duties included, to storage and distribution services all over the country. Our experienced staff takes care of proper performance of the transportation process. Our drivers are in permanent phone contact with forwarding agents. Thanks to it our cargos are delivered punctually and the logistic processes in which we take part are performed in an undisturbed way. Our customers may be sure of security of the goods entrusted with us. All cargos are insured which makes that the quality of our services is higher. We have 15 our own truck-tractors with transport licenses valid in nearly all countries of the world and 17 semi trailers with canvas cover and refrigerated semi trailers, which are adapted for conventional cargos up to 24 tons of gross weight. Our Company has also numerous and effective subcontractors whose reliability is warranted by ourselves. At our customers’ request we make international transports under protection of TIR, MHR/HVG carnets. We observe provisions pertaining to drivers’ time of work and industrial security and we warrant punctual and safe carrying out of all transportation orders. Great experience of our drivers and forwarding agents is a warranty of high quality of our services. We are open to cooperation with other companies offering road transport services.


We have the pleasure to offer you:
  • regular general cargo transport services with all European countries (mostly Hungary-Bulgaria-Rumania)
  • international and national complete cargo transport services
  • forwarding services
  • commercial storage services
  • insurance of goods under TIR, MHR/HVG carnets - we have our own transit warranties
  • our Company has a license issued by the Ministry of Transport
  • we warrant a punctual and effective performance of transport services
  • professional service and organization of transport
  • full responsibility for goods entrusted with us
  • punctual acceptance and delivery of goods
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